The world is going through an unprecedented level of change in many different dimensions right now. Having toiled hard for the last two decades as builders and implementers of software applications and tools, it is extremely gratifying to see what is possible to build today due to the advances in cloud services and machine intelligence. Software is eating the world and data along with cloud services are adding spices to that meal.

The traditional “non software” companies like the financial, transportation, retail and healthcare companies are compelled now to go make changes that were meant only for the “new software companies”. There are ambitious people within these organizations who don’t just want to embrace this change but want to lead it in a way that no-one has done before. Astellent was started to work with these ambitious people to make what matters.

Machine Learning/Deep Learning advances are forcing engineering organizations to unlearn procedural algorithmic instructions and learn how to develop software using models and data inferences. Cloud is fundamentally changing the speed, processes, and economics to deliver software. Microservices, containers, and DevOps technologies are making a huge difference in how software is designed and packaged.

There is a gap in the marketplace right now. No one company is holistically helping businesses fill white spaces and integrate different pieces of infrastructure, tools, processes and organizational change management. Astellent aims to fill that gap with our expertise in AI/ML/DL, Software Engineering and Cloud skills to fill white spaces and create an end-to-end integrated approach, with our skills in leading people behavior change management in technical organizations.

We have developed tools, templates and methodologies to bring the best out of your developers, ops teams, data scientists and security teams. We built these with our partners who we respect and follow with all our heart. We have partnership in our DNA to allow us to bring the best of breed solutions from our partners like Red Hat, AWS and NVIDIA. These companies aren’t trophies – they are our most trusted collaborators. The work we do wouldn't be possible without them.

There are three fundamental areas of this change we have identified to provide consulting and solutions: Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering and Cloud. Please contact us if you share this ambition and are looking to make the most of your code and data to make something what matters.

Erik & Hitesh.