Astellent team was busy meeting with amazing customers and partners at Red Hat Summit 2018 in San Francisco from May 8 to May 10 2018. Here are the three higher order bits that we captured.

I. Red Hat as the simplifying force for the new chaotic world of IT

Customers in varying industries are facing fundamental questions to transition to the new digitized world. They have myriad options in front of them.

They need to handle different environments within their data centers and with the new public and private clouds including AWS, Google Cloud and Azure. They have their workflows running within different operating systems including Linux, Microsoft, Unix and others. There are new languages and platforms developers want to use for different faces of innovation - that includes Go, Python, Java, C++, Swift and many others.

Red Hat has emerged as the glue and the simplifying force within these software organizations now.

Red Hat OpenShift platform combined with Istio provide a complete package on top of Docker and Kubernetes to allows a hybrid cloud to flourish. Now, you can build applications that are agnostic of where you run them. With OpenShift you can allow developers with very different skills and preferences to keep doing what they do best while getting free from the infrastructure related blockers that used to slow them down.

Every industry needs to have an API strategy now as they configure themselves to fit in the new digitized ecosystems. 3Scale is one of the best platforms to manage your API infrastructure and make it scalable, flexible and future proof.

II. Solidifying major partnerships with Microsoft and IBM

Things have changed drastically since Microsoft and Linux were two words we could not include together. The new Microsoft and the new Red Hat have a very deep partnership now which grew deeper this year. Red Hat and Microsoft are now working together to build one of the best solutions for container management, bringing Kubernetes and Azure together with OpenShift.

The new OpenShift release offers software organizations the ability to manage applications across both public cloud and on-prem using a simple set of tools. Microsoft SQL Server is much more deeply integrated within OpenShift now.

IBM and Red Hat are closer now than ever before due to their work combining containers and hybrid cloud platforms. Now, IBM Cloud Private can deploy containers across Red Hat portfolio. The new combination is fueling cloud services for AI, blockchain and IoT.  IBM PowerAI, IBM's deep learning toolkit, will also be available on Red Hat's operating system.

III. Making things that matter with open source software

Change is easy. Progress is hard. Progress relies on those that see the world as it is, but dare to imagine something better.

Attending Red Hat Summit leaves us humbled by the stories of people pushing us forward and making a difference with open source software. Open source software is an amazing intersection of community and code. It is at the center of people who are building a better world. In particular, we loved the story about the School Mapping Project by Erica Kochi and the teams at UNICEF Innovation and Red Hat.

We are proud to be part of this community. Thank you for inspiring us and challenging us to do more and to make a difference.